Step 1: Free consultation

Contact our professional representative who will be able to give you an estimate of how much you can save with solar.

Step 2: Proposal

Based on the estimate, we will present you with a proposal that is suitable for your home and your budget.

Step 3: System design

Our team of experts will craft a detailed proposal including installation plans, electrical plans, and savings simulation. In our design we will consult you to make sure your unique requirements are completely met. In addition we will work with all agencies to obtain all permits on your behalf.

Step 4: Installation

Weather permitting, our professional installation team will spend a day at your home installing the system.

Step 5: Go solar!

You get to flip the switch. Turn the system live and experience instant benefits.

Step 6: Maintenance and support

Our real-time monitoring system automatically sends alerts when problems arise. If problems occur, we’ll contact you for maintenance and support.