Who Are We?

Enmax is an energy service company focusing on renewable energy and energy conservation. In renewable energy, we are a full service solar power provider serving the government, commercial, and residential sectors. In energy conservation, we provide solutions to help businesses and factories reduce their electric consumption by means of LED lighting replacements, intelligent use of resources, and energy management.

We are proud to be the newest member of the Ruxchai Group companies that has built a solid reputation for quality in numerous industries for more than 30 years.


Our Vision

Energy is the lifeblood of all human activities. Both now and forever into the future, we believe that renewable energy and energy conservation are crucial for the existence and development of mankind. We believe that solar power is the key to providing clean, renewable, and limitless energy that can satisfy the world’s energy demands by enabling distributed power generation at the place of use anywhere on the planet. We believe that energy conservation technologies will continue to improve and we strive to incorporate them into our solution to reduce overall energy demand.

Our vision is to create a sustainable energy future by balancing the supply and demand of energy via the use of renewable energy and energy conservation.

Sustainable Energy = Increased Supply (Renewable Energy) – Reduced Demand (Energy Conservation)


Our Mission

To provide customers with solutions that effectively solve their energy challenges via the use of solar power and energy conservation techniques, thereby enabling them, us and the planet to enjoy sustainable profits now and far into the future.


Be Better

Our core values revolve around one concept “Be Better”. Everyone, everyday, everywhere, and in every aspect of our work, we strive to be better. We are perpetually in the process of becoming better and better.