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SunEdison has announced that it has signed an agreement with 25 California schools to provide solar covering for their parking lots.

The worldai??i??s largest renewable energy development company made the announcement this week. SunEdison signed solar power purchase agreements with 25 California elementary, middle, and high schools, to provide high-performance solar parking canopies at each of the campuses parking lots.

SunEdison-4SunEdison predicts that the agreement will save the schools more than $30 million on energy costs over the next 20 years.

ai???Installing a SunEdison solar system is one of the most immediate and effective means for schools to control their energy costs, and thanks to Californiaai??i??s reasonable net metering policy this option is available to all schools in the state,ai??? said Sam Youneszadeh, SunEdisonai??i??s regional general manager of its Western US solar business. ai???Using parking lot space for solar solves two problems: it provides much-needed shade for cars from the scorching California sun, and it lowers electricity costs ai??i?? typically a schoolai??i??s second largest expense. Weai??i??ve helped more than 150 schools become not only more self-sufficient, but also enabled them to free up funds to maintain their buildings and ensure they continue to be safe and positive learning environments.ai???

Five unified school districts are involved in the agreement ai??i?? Dixon, Downey, Duarte, Livermore, and Newman Crows Landing. Each district signed a 20-year power purchase agreement for the installation of more than 7.4 MW of solar parking canopies, which not only generate solar electricity for the school, but go a step further and provide shade from said-solar energy to the cars beneath.

ai???This project shows how districts can become more self-sufficient financially,ai??? said Dr. Allan Mucerino, Duarte Unified School Districtai??i??s Superintendent. ai???And from an educational perspective, our students can learn how consumers make decisions about purchasing energy. Iai??i??m excited that weai??i??re able to provide a hands-on experience for our students, with these solar systems we are teaching our students about one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy.ai???

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